ISSEE's flagship International Ammunition Technician Course - Leading to Advanced Diploma in Explosives and Munitions Operations.
M107 Shells

International Ammunition Technician - AT

Leading to Advanced Diploma in Explosives and Munitions Operations.

This much sought after course is a unique opportunity to qualify as an International Ammunition Technician. The 24-week programme reflects the UK MOD training course but has been upgraded to meet the exacting requirements of the UK National Occupational Standards for Explosives and Search occupations. Successful students will qualify for certificates, a diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Explosives and Munitions Operations.

This programme is taught by experienced ex British Army Ammunition Technicians throughout who are also accomplished instructors in the Army and Police.  Personnel will learn how to safely identify, handle, repair, store, transport, manage, use and dispose of munitions and explosive natures.  The standard of the student completing the training mirrors that achieved by the UK MOD for its own Ammunition Technicians.

The course combines a number of ISSEE’s core munitions and explosives training modules with specifically tailored content focussing on:

  • Principles of explosives
  • Chemistry
  • Properties and effects of explosives
  • International Regulations and Reference Materials
  • Ammunition design and ballistics
  • Small arms ammunition
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Grenades and mortars
  • Artillery natures
  • Tank natures
  • Free flight rockets and recoilless weapons
  • Guided weapons
  • Use of demolition explosives and accessories
  • Ammunition inspection and repair
  • Explosives storage and explosives storage management
  • Licensing and inspection of explosives storage buildings
  • High and Low Order Demolition procedures
  • Explosives ordnance disposal including burning and multi-item demolition

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