We are delighted to add ISSEE to our growing list of endorsed training course providers. The availability of professional training is a crucial aspect in ensuring the ongoing and future capability within the energetics sector and the range of courses offered by ISSEE provides opportunities for training across a number of specialist areas.
Dave Welch, President IExpE

Institute of Explosives Engineers (2019)
Explosives Foundation Course

We have sent a number of staff on this course and all have been impressed with the whole package ranging from receipt of course JI's through to the actual instruction and content. We also feel the course provides value for money with good facilities.

Redcliffe International Shipping Ltd (2019)
Explosives Storage Management

The course was a resounding success. Up until a couple of months ago we were the only organisation that had National Team Leaders disrupting devices. Now everyone is looking at this as the way forward.

Handicap International Federation (2018)
Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (Certificate)

Feedback canvassed from those attending the course was extremely positive on the quality, standards and delivery of the training package. Since the completion of the training, the individuals have been put under extensive field evaluation by MACC and have been found to have excellent knowledge of the subject and are thoroughly sound in their approach to safety and procedures.

MACC International (2017)
Explosive Ordnance Disposal - Level 1