Submitted by Tanni Hambidge on Thursday, 13th April 2023
Photo of Students That Participated

Personnel from 11 EOD & S Regiment recently deployed on exercise Tiger Felix Jump, a skydiving expedition to California, USA.

The aim of this exciting trip was to qualify as A license skydivers – which allows individuals to jump on their own with no instructors. This was achieved using the Accelerated Freefall course which consisted of 8 levels of jumping, ranging from two instructors at the start to finishing the course and jumping on your own. A further 10 consolidation jumps are then required to become a licensed skydiver.

The expedition gave a break from the busy life of duties within the Regiment, with a valuable lessons learnt. All personnel found this to be a testing experience, which was designed to push individuals out of their comfort zones and to learn a new skill in a high stress environment. Jumping out of a plane is not something everyone can do, learning the skills needed to embrace the fear and more importantly overcome them is a lesson that all party members experienced on this expedition. Finally, learning to complete your required drills and movements in the sky was a testing experience for all that jumped.

13 of the 15 students achieved the above aim, which is a fantastic effort on all parts and all party members achieved at least one skydive each.

To say the expedition was a success is an understatement. Congratulations to all those involved! 

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