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Our core courses for 2017


February 2018

04 Jun - 22 Jun

EOD 3 – Explosive Ordnance Disposal Level 3 (Operator/Supervisor)

This 15 day course is for EOD Operators who have formally completed a recognised EOD Level 2 course and who have then gained at least 18 months working experience. Aligned to NOS QUs: 12.1, 12.2, 13.2, 13.5, 13.13a, 13.15

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March 2018

14 May - 01 Jun

EOD 2 – Explosive Ordnance Disposal Level 2 (Operator/Technician)

This 15 day course is to provide personnel with the knowledge required to enable them to carry out EOD procedures and operations in accordance with International Standards, including IMAS. Aligned to NOS QUs: 12.5, 12.6, 12.8, 12.20, 12.28, 13.2, 13.13a

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June 2018

11 Jun - 15 Jun

FOC- Firing Officers Course

To help demonstrate a level of competence for candidates wishing to progress and assume the responsibilities of a Firing Officer. As a refresher for currently approved firing officers and to help individuals towards longer term personal professional and technical development.

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July 2018

16 Jul - 21 Jul

EOD 1 – Explosive Ordnance Disposal Level 1 (Mine Action/UXO)

This 15 day course is designed for those who may want to formalise their vocational qualifications and experience through an academic award and who want to enter the Humanitarian Demining field. Aligned to NOS QUs: 12.7, 12.9, 12.21, 12.23, 12.28, 13.1, 13.2, 13.6, 13.13a

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16 Jul - 20 Jul

EFC – Explosives Foundation Course

This 5 day course is designed to provide the student with the basic understanding required to handle and use Explosives Substances & Articles (ESA) safely.

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