Humanitarian Relief Training Courses

ISSEE offers a range of training courses and briefing days designed for humanitarian relief, humanitarian risk-management, humanitarian security, conflict and disaster response roles.

Where appropriate our humanitarian relief training courses are externally validated. We are an HSQ qualified training centre for the certificate, award and diploma levels, with courses aligned to UK National Occupational Standards.

EOD Training
Our EOD 3 Course has been constructed to meet the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and the European Union EOD competency standards.

Within our EOD and IEDD course packages, we offer IMAS based training – many of our courses meet International Mine Action (IMAS) requirements.

ISSEE worked with a number of humanitarian demining INGOs (International Non-Governmental Organisations) to develop our Improvised Explosive Device Defeat (IEDD) Course and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness Courses. These programmes, along with a Train-the-Trainer course, allows INGOs to conduct training within their own operational sphere. Our IEDD course, in particular, is a natural progression for humanitarian demining practitioners holding IMAS EOD Level3, that are currently operating in areas where there is a high threat of IEDs.

EOD Training
Our training centre is located in Oxfordshire, and sits within the 440 acre estate of Heythrop Park. Our site includes a variety of terrains, a number of specially adapted buildings, conference and office facilities and integrated accommodation for our students.

ISSEE Hostile Environment Briefing Days include instruction, direction and advice on travel, planning, packing, hotel selection, terrorism and non-terrorism risks, driving, train travel, dealing with law enforcement and other authorities and culturally accepted behaviour. Attendance provides you with the tools and simple procedures to go about your tasks and can make your life easier in potentially hostile locations.

Our Hostile Environment First Aid Training focuses on first aid scenarios where there may be little or no emergency medical care. It also looks at injuries and conditions caused by environmental factors and stresses such as the effects of climate and temperature, or location specific risks. In addition to life saving skills, our Hostile Environment First Aid training module adds evacuation of casualties, creating an environment specific first aid kit and the use of modern treatment agents and devices.

Our Humanitarian Relief training encompass elements from many courses and can be tailored to suit your specific training needs. Request more details on the specific course page below, or simply contact us here with a few simple details and we’ll call you back.


IEDD - Improvised Explosive Devices Disposal Technician

This 20 day intensive course has been designed to provide the requisite skills to participants who are responsible for the safe disposal of Improvised....

IEDD Refresher Training Course

This 10 day course is to update the student in the skills required to operate in a competent manner when disposing of an Improvised Explosive Device (....

EOD 1 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Level 1 (Mine Action/UXO)

This 15 day course is designed for people with little or no formal knowledge of explosives and other more experienced explosives workers who may want ....

EOD 3 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Level 3 (Operator/Supervisor)

This 15 day course is for EOD Operators who have formally completed a recognised EOD 2 course of instruction and who have then gained at least 18 mont....

EOD 2 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Level 2 (Operator/Technician)

This 15 day course is to provide personnel with the knowledge required to enable them to carry out EOD procedures and operations in accordance with In....



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