An intensive 4-week programme designed to provide the requisite skills and practice to serving personnel responsible for the safe disposal of Improvised Explosive Devices.
Military IEDD Training

International IEDD Operator - IEDD (IO)

Combining a number of ISSEE’s core search and explosives training modules with specifically tailored content focussing on:

  • Philosophy & principles of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
  • The principles of electrics and an introduction to basic electronics
  • Mathematics, chemistry and physics
  • Render safe procedures, techniques and equipment available for iEd disposal
  • Safe handling and deployment of IEDD weapons
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Explosive/bomb scene management and the protection and collection of forensic evidence
  • Responsibility and accountability for the render safe of iEd
  • Use of remote vehicles
  • Documentation
  • A variety of scenarios to practice methods of render safe and final disposal of IED

Note: this military standard IEDD Operator programme can be extended by a further 2 weeks to give participants access to a more comprehensive range of scenarios for practicing render Safe Procedures. Where personnel have had previous experience or training in IEDD, ISSEE run a regular 3 week IEDD technician course, which would bring them to the same outcome as the international IEDD Operators Course set out above.

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