academic and proven vocational standard-setting is what sets ISSEE apart


ISSEE is a member of EUExcert which aims to use UK National Occupation Standards (NOS) as the basis for European Explosives qualifications.

To enable students to gain qualifications in explosives use and management courses our core courses are all aligned to the UK NOS  and are all accredited by Homeland Security Qualifications (HSQ) and the City & Guild Institute of London. (C&G).

We realise that many of our clients have distinctive training needs and that standard courses may not suit their specific demands. Therefore ISSEE offers specific bespoke courses to deliver exactly what is required.

Our accredited courses are also available to our International clients, and ISSEE is able to develop bespoke client courses which offer the possibility to gain accreditation. For example, we now have a two year modularised Diploma course which includes a 25 week English language course at a recognised language school.

For an overview of courses aligned to the National Occupation Standards (NOS) please click here.

It is this academic and proven vocational standard-setting that sets ISSEE apart.



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