Search training for delegates who carry out the role of planning and managing search operations.
Advanced Search Training

Search & Security Advisor (Search Level 4) - SA

This search training course is designed for delegates who carry out for the role of planning and managing search operations.

It builds upon the ISSEE Search Foundation and Advanced Searcher courses and focuses on all of the considerations and issues involved in comprehensive search operations using UK National Occupational Standards (NOS).

On satisfactory completion of the course, the individual will have the practised skills to manage search operations.

Course content

  • Health and Safety issues related to higher level search operations
  • Applying principles of search planning and application of search procedures
  • The documentation requirements for search operations
  • Overviewing forensic considerations when conducting search operations
  • Identifying terrorist and criminal resources during search operations
  • Completing munitions or specified targets reports
  • Implementing the principles and procedures for running successful search operations

For full content and NOS, please request the course data sheet below.