A 7-week programme developed for serving personnel who will be undertaking EOD duties as part of their service role, but have no previous experience of explosives.
Military EOD Qualifications

International EOD Operator - EOD (IO)

The course combines a number of ISSEE’s core search and explosives training modules with specifically tailored content focussing on:

  • High and low explosives, explosives trains, explosive power and effects
  • The process for demolition operations
  • Safe handling of explosives
  • Dangerous area marking, detector/locator equipments, explosive ordnance clearance and mine action detection techniques
  • Explosive ordnance identification of projectiles, mortars, rockets, grenades, mines, air-dropped munitions and sub munitions and guided weapons
  • Methods of demolition/disposal
  • Mine/unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk assessment and survey, reconnaissance, planning and evaluation at a supervisory level
  • Handling, use and deployment of EOD weapons
  • Threat analysis
  • Skills required by a Team Leader in the supervision of the disposal of UXO

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