On satisfactory completion of the course, the individual will be able to manually neutralise Improvised Explosive Devices.
IEDD Manual Techniques Training

IEDD - Introduction to Manual Techniques - IEDD (MT)

IEDD Manual Techniques Course is designed for members Governmental Agencies who are already very experienced in dealing with explosives, to equip them with the further knowledge and practiced skills to manually neutralise Improvised Explosive Devices.

This course has been specifically constructed as an introduction to practice the skills and methods necessary where a remotely operated solution is not an option to neutralise an IED. The course meets the European Union EOD competency standards and UK National Occupational Standards (NOS).

Course content includes:

  • Update on principles, science, current trends and recent intelligence of the use of IEDs
  • Using intelligence to aid the development of RSPs
  • Developing render safe procedures, techniques and equipment for Manual neutralisation of IEDs
  • Incident Scene Management and the protection, collection, and continuity of Forensic evidence recovery

For full content and NOS, please request the course data sheet below.