ISSEE’s simple vision is to be “First Choice”

  • First Choice for Generating and Sustaining Capability in Defence and Security Services
  • First Choice for Explosives and Homeland Security Training
  • First Choice for Explosives Management and Disposal Services

ISSEE is a world-class leader providing explosives & security consultancy and advisory services to national and international Defence, Police and Commercial organisations.

We deliver our services to organisations that seek accredited, reliable and trusted solutions to counter terrorism, improve security, protect infrastructure and manage explosives and ammunition safely.

ISSEE is recognised internationally for the design and delivery of solutions to generate and sustain capability, assess, coach and mentor newly qualified operators and provide whole-life munitions management services. This ranges from procurement advice through to the supply and safe disposal of munitions. ISSEE can be trusted to deliver a full and comprehensive service across the spectrum of business and homeland security requirements.

Our services are designed to mitigate risk to people and property arising from the threat of terrorist and criminal activities. Our clients range from Armed Forces, Government Ministries and Defence Manufacturers to private companies, NGOs and Charities.

We have delivered our service in over 20 countries and to thousands of our clients’ staff and private individuals. We also provide innovative and environmentally friendly explosives logistic disposal, safety audit licensing, advisory and explosive workers’ competency assessments and training. All aligned to UK National Occupational Standards.


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