Munitions and Explosives Management

Thursday 3 August, 2017

ISSEE has extensive expertise in the design and delivery of munitions and explosives management services.  These services range from assisting clients with procurement decisions, storage design and operation, training and mentoring of local staff and operators, to the safe disposal of unwanted explosives and ammunition in the UK and internationally.

Storage, transportation and other management services are delivered to UK National Occupational Standards as a minimum, and can be tailored to UK HSE/MOD standards or local national standards as required.

Munitions Management

ISSEE provides full logistic and technical solutions to breakdown, dispose, or demilitarise any type of explosive or military grade ammunition, pyrotechnics or ordnance.

For clients who have particular disposal requirements, ISSEE can offer a consultancy and design service, to assist them in developing their own solutions, including tooling design and manufacture. This is a service provided to both military and commercial organisations who wish to manage the logistics of unwanted, shelf life expired or obsolete stockpiles of bulk explosives and ammunition.

ISSEE conducts all decommissioning processes and explosives disposals in accordance with the appropriate UK standards and legal requirements for safety and environmental considerations, or higher, to meet local or other National Standards if they apply.  ISSEE is ISO 14001 accredited.

ISSEE also provides support to storage licensing through training or service provision.  Our services also include audit of munitions management processes and safety in support of or in preparation for regulatory inspections.

Current projects include validation of national stockpiles seeking to rationalise holdings, modernisation and repackaging for sale as required

In the event of unexpected explosives-related incidents, ISSEE can also provide discreet, yet comprehensive investigation analysis and reports.  These will assist in the identification of the cause of the incident, and to aid the development of preventative measures.

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