An introduction to the wealth of knowledge and experience of our instructors

Instructors at ISSEE


Jon Clarke (BJ)


Jon is a vastly experienced and internationally respected IEDD professional. He qualified as an IEDD team leader in 1986 and joins ISSEE following 22 years in EOD the British Army and 11 years as Deputy Senior Explosives Officer in the Metropolitan Police EOD Unit. 26 of those years he was either on operational duties somewhere in the world or teaching IEDD & EOD training at the ‘Army School of Ammunition’. Jon brings a wide variety of skills and knowledge of all aspects of complex counter terrorism operations from ‘left of boom’ to post bomb scene management and the identification, recovery, exploitation and recording of forensic and technical data. Throughout his career, Jon managed projects from deploying operational EOD teams at home and overseas to procuring and establishing new items of equipment.

Dick Stacey ISSEE

Dick Stacey


Dick served for 24 years in the British Army as an Ammunition Technician & Ammunition Technical Officer.  He held a number of senior technical operational appointments in EOD/IEDD including Senior Ammunition Technician in both Northern Ireland and UK Mainland.  In addition to his operational experience, he is an experienced EOD Instructor and previously held the post of Officer I/C IEDD Training at the Army School of Ammunition.


Steve Mockett


Steve has completed over 35 years of Government service both with the military and the Metropolitan Police in London. He served as a Detective with the Criminal Investigation Department, investigating major crimes both in the UK and abroad. This service also extended to 15 years with the Anti Terrorist Branch SO13 and the Counter Terrorism Command SO15 based at New Scotland Yard.

He was Head of the UK National Bomb Data Centre Unit where he managed, directed, and controlled the investigative process for the UK BDC. He coordinated intelligence between the police and the military on the construction of IEDs and counter measures. He initiated and implemented the development of the UK National Bomb Centre Data Base, and has served as an international trainer for the London Metropolitan Police in his area of his expertise: CT searches,, weapons, scene investigation, and establishing, organizing, coordinating, and managing bomb data centers. Steve’s experienced has assisted Interpol, Europol and the FBI to develop and deploy explosive management systems to assist in the investigation of Terrorism.

He has helped to establish the Singapore Police BDC and trained them in Post Blast Investigation, this training has also been carried out in Georgia, Turkey, Morocco, Portugal, Estonia and the United States. He has provided numerous lectures worldwide on improvised explosive devices.

A Subject Matter Expert involved with forensic scene examination and a security professional engaged in developing systems and driving changes across the United Kingdom and overseas in the investigation of terrorism and to counter an exceptionally high terrorist threat to the private and public sector, creating international investigative tools used to target terrorist bombers and their networks.


Tony Dedman GM


Tony was awarded the George Medal and a Mention in Dispatches for his service in Northern Ireland, where he dealt with hundreds of improvised explosive devices and booby-traps: on more than one occasion whilst under direct attack. He went on to serve for 25 years as an Ammunition Technician, seeing service in Bahrain, Oman, Belize, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands.
Upon leaving the Army, Tony was appointed Principal Professional Technology Officer with the Anti Terrorist Branch of the Metropolitan Police in Central London and had a critical role in the fight against crime and terrorism, during which he rendered safe a variety of explosive devices aimed at domestic and foreign targets. In 2009 and 2010 Tony instructed and mentored EOD & IEDD Operators for both the ANA and ANP at the EOD School at Muzar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan.



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