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SQA - National Occupational Standards

SQA Accredit ISSEE’s Training To National Occupational Standards

15th August 2018

Working Together To Improve Safety For Explosives Workers

SQA and ISSEE Ltd announce a unique partnership which will allow explosives workers to gain academically accredited qualifications.  Training will be delivered by ISSEE to the internationally recognised UK National Occupational Standards for Explosives Substances and Articles (NOS ESA).

ISSEE, based at Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire, have a strong reputation for delivering explosives related training reaching across a wide spectrum of activity.  Established in 2001, the company has delivered training to support de-mining…

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Explosives Storage

Course Dates for Summer/Autumn 2018 Released

28th July 2018

We are pleased to publish some fixed dates for upcoming training opportunities:

Explosives Storage Management
3 Sep - 7 Sep 2018
3 Dec - 7 Dec 2018
  Explosive Ordnance Disposal - Level 1
20 Aug - 7 Sep 2018, and 
14 Jan - 1 Feb 2019
  International IEDD Operator
3 Sep - 21 Sep 2018
  Firing Officers Course
24 Sep - 28 Sep 2018
  Explosives Foundation Course
3 Dec - 7 Dec 2018

Full accommodation options are available which also includes all meals, free gym and swim pool access and free wifi.

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International Security Expo 2018

15th July 2018

Uniting Government and Industry by sharing innovative homeland and commercial security technologies, integrated solutions and intelligence to create a safer world.

Meet ISSEE on Stand B62.
Olympia, London.
28th and 29th November 2018.

International Security Expo is the fastest growing international showcase of security delivering over 12,500 international buyers and influencers from Government, CNI, Law Enforcement, Military, Major Events, Transport & Borders, Cyber Security, Facilities and Public and Private sectors.

The Protecting Urban Spaces…

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Armed Forces Covenant

ISSEE Sign Armed Forces Covenant

2nd July 2018

ISSEE is delighted to demonstrate our support for the Armed Forces Community by signing an Armed Forces Covenant.

To those who proudly protect our nation, who do so with honour, courage, and commitment, the Armed Forces Covenant is the nation’s commitment to you.

It is a pledge that together we acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

The covenant focusses on helping members of the armed…

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Meet ISSEE at Security and Policing 2018 – Stand B12

1st February 2018

Security and Policing is the official Government event is a world-class opportunity to meet, network and discuss the latest advances in delivering national security and resilience with UK suppliers, colleagues and government officials.

In 2018, Security & Policing takes place from 6th to 8th March at FIVE, Farnborough. Visit us on stand B12.

Ben Wallace, Minister of State for Security, will open the event and a keynote address will be delivered by the Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, Security &…

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Large-scale Munitions, EOD Trials and Training

19th January 2018

ISSEE has access to facilities to carry out a wide variety large-scale munitions, EOD trials and training activities, including static and dynamic munitions trials, complex Insensitive Munitions (IM) tests and explosive characterisation.

These facilities are often used as part of our EOD Training, Explosives Management Training, Humanitarian and IED-D Training, as well as our flagship International Ammunition Technician course.

Facilities include:

Arena testing of explosives with a maximum NEQ of 75kg HD1 in a single event is conducted in a valley area of…

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Explosives Storage

Meet ISSEE at MSPO 2017

21st August 2017

ISSEE will be exhibiting at the MSPO, a 4 day event being held from 5th to 8th September 2017 at the Targi Kielce in Kielce, Poland.

Visit ISSEE at MSPO on the UK Intec DIT/DSO Stand.

MSPO is Central Europe’s most significant fair event of its kind. It features not only the latest developments in military equipment but also technologies and systems applied in fields such as logistics, security and rescue.

A permanent element of MSPO is an exhibition of the Polish Armed Forces. In addition to the static exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to attend a…

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Talbot hall - ISSEE

ISSEE’s Latest Course Dates Released

15th July 2017

ISSEE are pleased to release our latest course dates for summer 2017.

In September, our courses focus on Explosives Safety Management, with a range of training for those involved with commercial manufacture, safety inspection and explosive storage & transport.

Organisations engaged in the Explosives Sector are required by law to satisfy the requirements of Explosives Regulations 2014 (ER 2014) or Joint Service Publication (JSP 482). These regulations call for the demonstration of an individuals training and competency demonstrated against National Occupational Standards…

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Ammunition Technician

International Ammunition Technician Course

1st May 2017

The next start date for ISSEE’s International Ammunition Technician Course is 3rd July 2017.

This advanced diploma is a unique opportunity to qualify as an international ammunition technician.

Course Dates:
 3rd July 2017 – 15th December 2017

This International Ammunition Technician course is a 24-week programme which reflects the UK MOD training course but has been upgraded to meet the exacting requirements of the UK National Occupational Standards for Explosives and Search occupations. 

This 24 week programme is taught by experienced ex-Ammunition…

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Qualified Training should be an essential component of Munitions Management Safety

6th April 2017

Explosives safety management is indisputable and quintessentially obvious to all who are in the business of manufacturing or handling munitions.

The risk of losing life, property and business should something go catastrophically wrong is ever present and naturally one would expect that every explosives, munitions, fireworks or other similar business that handles explosives in their line of work have solid risk assessments, training and supervision programmes in place. But does this answer the key question challenged by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – “Can you demonstrate…

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ISSEE Assist Humanitarian Demining INGOs in Delivering IED Training

29th March 2017

ISSEE are working with humanitarian demining international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) to implement an Improvised Explosive Device Defeat (IEDD) Course and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness Course to be delivered in 2017. This, along with a Train-the-Trainer course, allows the INGOs to conduct training within their own operational sphere.

The ISSEE course offers a broader, more adaptable, full-spectrum approach to IEDD operations within a humanitarian demining context. The course, which will be accredited under National Occupational Standards, will allow the…

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crowd at football stadium

Mitigating the Risk of Terror Attacks at Sports Stadias

27th February 2017

Sadly, the days of being able to enjoy an afternoon of live sport, an evening of live music or just going shopping in any of the large, attractive shopping malls have now been overshadowed by the deadly prospect of a terrorist attack.

France, and the rest of the world, is still reeling from several attacks across the country and Europe, including a suicide attack outside Stade de France stadium in Paris ahead of the match between France and Germany. Fortunately, the only victim on that occasion was the bomber himself, but it is recorded that he had a ticket for the game and had…

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Is your place of work prepared for a terrorist attack?

2nd February 2017

UK Government Organisation at ISSEE for IEDD and weapons effects awareness days

The threat of a significant terror attack on traditionally ‘soft targets’ is evermore present.  Terrorist attacks are no longer restricted to bombings of military/police facilities or attacks on security forces; news reports are just as likely to detail the horrific aftermath of a lone wolf attack in a shopping mall or a lorry being driven at speed into a crowded public space.  Once such an event takes place, the very threat of a repeat event acts as an act of terror in itself – perpetuating the fear…

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Mk7 Wheelbarrow

Mk7 Wheelbarrow Refurbishment

1st February 2017

The Wheelbarrow Mk7 range of vehicles has been around for over 30 years, mostly mechanically still functional but the electronics have long been obsolete and no longer supported.

ISSEE offers cost effective refurbishment to bring Wheelbarrow Mk7 electronics to modern standards.

This new upgrade allows the vehicle to be brought back into an operational state at a fraction of the cost of new vehicles. The simplicity and robustness of the Mk7 makes the vehicle very suitable for training operations. The upgrade consists of a new control box with the latest state of the art…

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KASOTC facilities in Jordan recognised by ISSEE

15th December 2016

The contract awarded to ISSEE to deliver IEDD and EOD training to officers of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior throughout 2016 has proved to be a very successful programme; strongly praised by Iraq and NATO officers from the C-IED Centre of Excellence in Madrid. The training was carried out at The King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, also known as KASOTC, located in Amman, Jordan. This one-of-a-kind facility spread over 2.5 square km boasts over $250 million worth of cutting-edge training facilities and support structures. Its unique nature derives from an extraordinary…

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Public Security and Safety Training

15th December 2016

ISSEE are now running training and briefing days directly aimed at aiding those responsible for public security.

Terrorist organisations are always looking to increase their presence and influence and they turn to all and any means of attack to deliver that terror. ‘Lone Actor’ attacks within mass transit facilities or areas of public gathering are also increasingly central to the concerns of the Security Services and Police. Either method of attack or threat of attack, has the chilling effect of spreading fear among the lives of ordinary people.

It is without doubt that…

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 IED-D challenge in Mosul

ISSEE helps Iraqi military face oncoming IED challenge in Mosul

4th October 2016

Under the Islamic State group, Mosul has been transformed into an urban minefield littered with explosives and traps meant to bait troops and technicians into setting them off. Once Iraqi forces retake Mosul from the militants that have held it since 2014, they will have to contend with the city itself.

Valerie Insinna, from Defense News reports on how ISSEE has been working with NATO to train Officers from Iraq to deal with IEDs left by Islamic State Group

The US-led coalition and Iraqi military are hurtling toward a final assault on Mosul, which Iraqi Prime Minister…

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Explosive Dust

Advisory services to support the Duty of Care requirements in the Explosives Industry

3rd October 2016

Occasionally, incidents and near misses occur at explosives and munitions manufacturing facilities which, despite rigorous safety processes, are unforeseen within the daily working environment. 

This is not to say that safety is lapse, more so that workers are not always trained or experienced to analyse the wider implications of working with explosives beyond their immediate task

The risk to health and property is always present in an explosives handling environment: safety must be at the root of any process or change of process and any incident is of course a risk to…

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ISSEE’s Latest Course Dates – Including Explosive Foundation, Firing Officer and EOD 2

25th September 2016

ISSEE are pleased to release our latest course dates:

03 Oct to 11 Oct – Firing Officers Course
To help demonstrate a level of competence for candidates wishing to progress and assume the responsibilities of a Firing Officer.

03 Oct to 10 Oct – Post Bomb Scene Management
Provide the student with the knowledge required to recover evidence from a scene, working to multi-agency best practices.

21 Nov to 25 Nov – Explosives Foundation Course (EFC)
Designed to provide the student with the basic understanding required to handle and use Explosives…

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Consultancy to Public Services

7th July 2016

The continual increase of incidents involving the use of explosives in the world by criminals, terrorists and saboteurs causing death, injury and damage to property, reiterates the need for operational readiness and ability to respond to such events.

As part of this preparation of readiness, ISSEE is regularly approached to complete assessments of preparedness for breeches of security and to design and deliver subsequent preventive programmes. Our speciality is Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security, but we can and do provide consultancy to support other threats to business…

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