Roger Smith

Ammunition Technician, IEDD, EOD and ECM Instructor

Roger has a wealth of knowledge and experience having completed 24 years in the British Army and a significant amount of time with the EOD and Search community.

Throughout his time in UK IED/EOD he has worked with and provide CIED training for numerous Police Forces, provided IED capabilities for the Commonwealth Games and NATO conferences as well as fulfilling a regular role in UK IED/EOD duties.

Overseas, Roger has completed Ammunition Technical duties in Iraq as both Compliance and Depot manager roles. He has also completed IEDD tours of Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, during the latter he managed a large EOD and Search team successfully rendering safe multiple IEDS.

Most recently, Roger has taught Advanced IED and ECM at the British Army’s Counter IED training Centre, and finished his career as a Training Officer responsible for CIED, EOD instruction and Quality Assurance coupled with Ammunition Technical training.